Faucet Flow Control Valves

Flow Control Valve For Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks

Watermiser's Flow Control Valves are designed to maintain water pressure while reducing water flow in bathroom & kitchen sink faucets.

Faucet Flow Control Valves for Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks


  • Patented aerospace technology
  • Save up to 70% on your water usage
  • Can be used with existing faucet - no need for a costly replacement
  • Lasts significantly longer than other low flow devices
  • Tamper proof and out of sight for a better appearance
  • No ongoing maintenance with consistent flow throughout the product life
  • Extends useful life of faucet by reducing calcification and lessening the effects of hard water build up
  • Individually controls flow at hot/cold supply line for increased water & thermal savings
  • Easy and inexpensive installation
  • Cal Green, IAPMO Green and LEED certified (2-4 LEED points available)
  • Customized for each customer to maximize water savings and user experience

Specification Sheet

Faucet Flow Control Valves For Bathroom & Kitchen Sinks

Installation Instructions

The instructions for this product can be found on the Installation Instructions page.