Our Mission Statement & Objectives

Mission Statement

Watermiser™ was founded upon the mission of devising and implementing creative, innovative water solutions on a grand scale

By uniting inspired engineering concepts with expert implementation strategies, Watermiser™ has established itself as the leader in the art and science of water conservation – all while maintaining an emphasis on affordability and impressive savings for communities and clients alike. At Watermiser™, we too strive for a Greener future – pursuing and improving upon green, alternative solutions of today and remaining the leader in pioneering the forthcoming future of water solutions to come. At Watermiser™, reduced water consumption is our top priority. We strive to achieve this goal through original, creative technology.

Our Objectives

Not to follow but to lead.

Watermiser™ launched with three strong fundamental objectives that show a quick return on investment that can easily be measured by the commercial and institutional user who insists on the quality of an industrial high end manufactured product:

Provide innovative water savings solutions that:

  • Significantly reduce water usage resulting in monetary savings 
  • Significantly reduce labor costs resulting in monetary savings
  • Significantly reduce energy usage resulting in monetary savings

Together, these goals will help us bring sustainable, effective conservation solutions to market while maximizing monetary savings in multiple sectors – we aim to make such solutions a simple, accessible and global standard.

Our Clients

Typical Watermiser™ Clients

  • Multi-family
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Food Service
  • Retailers
  • Water Municipalities
  • City Municipalities
  • Universities/Schools